Version history

Keep track of changes you've made to your projects with version history. Explore a timeline of changes dating back to the file's creation.

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How version history is created

Atmos saves your work with every change. To keep track of your project's history Atmos creates checkpoints every 10 minutes. For example:

You start editing your project at 9:00 am, after 35 minutes you close Atmos. At 3:00 pm you come back and realize you've made a mistake. Atmos will show you 4 versions:

  • Current version
  • 9:30 am
  • 9:20 am
  • 9:10 am

Access version history

To access the project's version history, you need to:

  1. Open the project
  2. Click on the project name anywhere in the app
  3. Select Version history from the options
Atmos project

Restore a previous version

When you are browsing the project's version history you have an option to revert to any version. This is a non-destructive action - when you restore to an older version a new version is created and the whole version history is preserved.

Atmos project

Last updated March 2022

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