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Color wheel

The color wheel makes it easy to find harmonious color schemes for your color palette.

Atmos color wheel tool

Simply select a color from your palette by clicking on it, and the color wheel will generate colors based on it. Click on any of the colors to add them to your palette.

You can also use custom color by clicking on the custom color field in the top right corner and typing in a color in the format #RRGGBB.

Color schemes

  • Analogous - Three colors next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Monochromatic - Colors created from one hue by adding black or white.
  • Complementary - Colors opposite of each other on the wheel.
  • Split-Complementary - Combination of complementary and analogous color schemes.
  • Triadic - Three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel.
  • Tetradic - Created by combining two complementary pairs, resulting in four colors in a rectangular pattern on the color wheel.
  • Square - Four colors evenly spaced around the color wheel.
  • Similar - Five colors similar to the selected color.

All modes

Atmos color wheel tool generating all possible color combinations

In this mode, the color wheel generates all possible color combinations for the selected color. This is great for quickly finding colors.

Single mode

Atmos color wheel tool generating selected color scheme

Single scheme mode visualizes a selected color scheme on a color wheel. Making it easier to understand what's going on behind the scenes.

You can drag the dots to customize the angles or the original color in this mode.

Last updated December 2022

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