Shade generator

Generate uniform shades and tints

Easily create shades and tints that are perceptually uniform and accessible.

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Shade generator tailored for
UI designers

Create better shades

Instead of just adding black and white to your colors, Atmos's shade generator uses LCH color space to create perceptually uniform shades that look good and are accessible.

Example of generated shades

Make hue transitions

Need to create vibrant shades? Try hue shifting. Atmos allows you to create a linear hue transition across your shades to make them look just right.

Example of using color shift on yellow color

Create your palette

Atmos is a toolbox specialized for creating UI palettes.

From finding colors, through generating shades, to fine-tuning your palette we've got you covered.

Atmos palette in app

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Creating your UI color palette has never been easier.

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