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Create better UI color palettes with ease. Using tailored tools to find colors, generate uniform shades and fine-tune your palette.

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Creating color palettes has never been this easy

Color generator

Find the best colors

Generate brand and complementary status colors.

Can’t find the right color? Narrow down the search by choosing an emotion, industry, or color family.

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Atmos color generator

Shade generator

Get uniform shades with one click

Give Atmos your base colors and get uniform shades in seconds.

Choose the number of shades, lightness range, or create a transition from one color to another.

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Atmos shade generator


Make your color palette perfect

Need to adjust one shade, or have a specific color in mind? Be in control with color pickers and charts that give you the full picture.

Fine-tuning colors has never been so easy.

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Other things you can do

Contrast checker

Inspect contrast levels at every step.

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Color vision simulator

Experience your colors through another’s eyes.

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Palette export

Take your palette anywhere. Export to SVG, CSS, or JS.

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Template palettes

Get started with one of our hand picked templates.

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Version history

Experiment freely knowing that you can always go back.

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Team account

Share and collaborate on palettes with your teammates.

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The easiest way to create unique designs

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