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Generate colors for your website or app

Find brand and status colors with a color generator designed to create harmonious color combinations for UI design.

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Color generator tailored for
UI designers

Create palettes not schemes

Instead of giving you a few nice looking colors, Atmos's generator creates Brand and Semantic colors to kick-start your palette.

Primary, Secondary, Success, Caution, Warning, Info, and Neutral, you'll get all these colors and more with every click.

Atmos color generator

Give meaning to your palette

Want your color palette to evoke specific emotion or match your industry? Don't worry just select what you are looking for and Atmos will generate colors that match it.

Or just select the color family you'd like your colors to be in.

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Create your palette

Atmos is a toolbox specialized for creating UI palettes.

From finding colors, through generating shades, to fine-tuning your palette we've got you covered.

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Creating your UI color palette has never been easier.

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