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UI Design

Create professional UI color palettes with Atmos

Atmos helps you create beautiful color palettes for your UI designs. Use advanced color spaces like LCH and OKLCH to create perceptually uniform color palettes.

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Atmos lch color tool preview

One place for all your color palettes

Atmos helps you to manage color palettes from a single platform. Import, edit, and export your colors using advanced tools.

Color generator

Kick-start your palette

Begin your palette with a color generator designed to create harmonious color combinations for UI design. Find matching semantic colors like success, warning, danger, and info.
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Color wheel

Visualize color relations and achieve harmony

Understand the relationship between colors on the color wheel. Discover the perfect color combination and achieve harmony with fully customizable wheel angles.
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Shade generator

Uniform shades with predictable contrast

Enter your colors and receive uniform color shades and tints in seconds. Create hue transitions from one color to another with ease.
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More tools to help you manage your color system

Accessibility built-in

Build accessible color palettes with a contrast checker that supports APCA (WCAG 3) and WCAG 2.

Contrast checker preview

Palette export

Export your palette to SVG, Figma, CSS, Style Dictionary, Tailwind CSS, or JavaScript.

Export illustration

Palette import

Bring in colors from your design system or directly from Figma

Color codes illustration

Shared palettes

Collaborate by sending your palette to a teammate.

Share dialog preview

Version history

Experiment with confidence, knowing you can revert changes anytime.

Version history preview

What are designers saying

Jan Søholm Knudsen

Jan Søholm Knudsen

Art Director

Need a simple, yet powerful tool to make uniform color palettes with clear accessibility checks? Look no further, Atmos does that all and more, without compromising on flexibility and control for the designer.

Espen Benoni

Espen Benoni

UX/UI Designer

Working with design systems and color palettes, I’ve spent countless days tweaking colors and manually checking contrasts to meet both WCAG 2.1 and WCAG 3.0 standards. Now, with Atmos, not only am I saving a lot of time, the process is also much more enjoyable!

Mike Zetlow

Mike Zetlow


Atmos gives me a huge advantage. Clients give me a brand color or two and I'm able to build out all the other colors for their app in 5 minutes. And it's all done with accessibility in mind!

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Whether you're new to color palettes, or a pro looking for advanced tools, we'll have you set up and ready to create your best palette in minutes.

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