Create uniform and accessible color palettes

Use LCH color space to create palettes that are predictable, perceptually uniform, and have the right color contrast.

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LCH color tool tailored for
UI designers

Visualize your color palette

Get full picture of your palette in the LCH color space. Atmos visualizes Lightness, Chroma, and Hue values in interactive charts.

Adjust your colors with precision.

LCH color tool, fine-tune colors with chart, CIELAB color space

Make perceptually uniform shades

Thanks to the LCH color space, you can create shades that have similar perceived lightness.

Make palettes that look uniform to humans, not computers.

Example of generated shades

Create your palette

Atmos is a toolbox specialized for creating UI color palettes.

From finding colors, through generating shades, to fine-tuning your palette we've got you covered.

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Creating your UI color palette has never been easier.

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