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Project color gamut

Atmos supports two color gamut settings: sRGB and Unlimited gamut. The sRGB color gamut is the default setting and recomended for most people.

What is color gamut?

Color gamut is the entire range of colors and tones achievable by an imaging system. Most common color gamut is sRGB. All the most common forms of color like hex colors (#715bff), rgb colors (rgb(113, 91, 255)), hsl colors (hsl(248, 100%, 67.8%)) are based on sRGB color gamut.

sRGB color gamut range
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What sRGB color gamut setting does?

When your project uses sRGB color gamut, Atmos won't let you push your (OK)LCH colors outside of sRGB color gamut. Since OK(LCH) color space has potentially unlimited color gamut you wouldn't be able to represent your colors in HEXadecimal format.

In the app you can see the limits of sRGB color gamut by gray areas in the Lightness, Chroma and Hue Charts. As you increase chroma of your colors the colors get more saturated and the sRGB color gamut runs out of colors.

sRGB color gamut
sRGB color gamut

When to use unlimited color gamut?

If your target environment supports DCI-P3 or OKLCH colors (like most recent browsers), you might consider using unlimited color gamut. This way you can access more saturated colors but keep in mind your device might not be able to display them. Even if you think you are looking at more saturated colors, your device might be clipping the colors due to the limits of your display.

To make it easier to target specific color gamuts we might add DCI-P3 or Rec.2020 color gamut settings in the future.

Unlimited color gamut
Unlimited color gamut

Last updated May 2023

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