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Figma integration

Sync your palette from Atmos to Figma with our Figma plugin.

Figma integration illustration

Personal token

To log into the Figma plugin, you need to use your personal token. You can find your token under Settings > Personal token

Atmos user settings page

Anyone with your token can view and export your palettes - Be careful when sharing your token with others.

You can regenerate your token anytime. To do that, delete your token using the trash icon and then generate a new one. Anyone using the old token will lose access immediately.

Importing palette to Figma

Our plugin supports two ways of importing plugins into Figma:

  • Create or update styles
  • Insert SVG

Create or update styles

This will create or update existing styles in your Figma file. When updating styles, the plugin will match color and shade names from Atmos to your styles in the Figma file. If you change the names of your Figma styles, the plugin won't be able to match them, and it will make new styles instead.

Atmos figma plugin create styles

Insert SVG

The plugin will insert an SVG group with your colors into your Figma file. This works the same as our regular SVG export

Atmos figma plugin insert svg

Importing palette to Atmos

You can import your palette from Figma to Atmos using the plugin. This action will overwrite the selected palette in Atmos. The plugin will import colors with the folder structure from Figma. If you change the names in Atmos or Figma, the plugin won't be able to match them, and it will make new colors instead when importing.

To import styles from Figma, open the project you want to import to in the plugin and click the Import styles to Atmos button.

Atmos figma plugin import styles

Then select the colors you want to import and click the Import button.

Atmos figma plugin select import

Now head over to Atmos and start working on your palette. When you are ready to import back to Figma, just open the plugin and click the Create or update styles button.

Last updated May 2023

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