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Export project

Export your palette from Atmos when you're ready to use them in other design tools or directly in code. Export settings let you customize how Atmos exports your colors.

Atmos project

Export formats

Export to SVG

By default Atmos exports your color palette as SVG with color family and shade names applied to the colors for ease of use in other design tools.

Atmos project exported in SVG

Export to Figma

Use Atmos sync plugin to import your palette to Figma. Learn more about Atmos Figma integration

Atmos and Figma logos

Export to Code

Atmos supports exporting your color palette to code in the following formats:

When exporting to code you can choose from 3 color spaces:

  • HEX
  • HSL
  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • LCH
Atmos project exported in CSS

Last updated February 2023

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